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 Post subject: Memcache configuration options
PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:19 am 

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memcached.exe -d install
memcached.exe -d uninstall
memcached.exe -d install -m 256 -p 8181 (running with 256 mb memory limit, listening to TCP PORT 8181)
memcached.exe -d start

Available parameters are:
-d install install memcached service
-d start tell memcached to start
-d restart tell running memcached to do a graceful restart
-d stop|shutdown tell running memcached to shutdown

-d uninstall uninstall memcached service
-p [num] TCP port number to listen on (default: 11211)
-U [num] UDP port number to listen on (default: 0, off)
-s [file] unix socket path to listen on (disables network support)
-a [mask] access mask for unix socket, in octal (default 0700)
-l [ip address] interface to listen on, default is INDRR_ANY

-h print this help and exit
-i print memcached and libevent license
-b run a managed instanced (mnemonic: buckets)
-P [file]] save PID in , only used with -d option
-f [factor] chunk size growth factor, default 1.25
-n [bytes]] minimum space allocated for key+value+flags, default 48
-r maximize core file limit
-u [username] assume identity of (only when run as root)
-m [num]] max memory to use for items in megabytes, default is 64 MB
-M return error on memory exhausted (rather than removing items)
-c [num] max simultaneous connections, default is 1024
-k lock down all paged memory.
-v verbose (print errors/warnings while in event loop)
-vv very verbose (also print client commands/reponses)

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